Links list
HP in relation with Susaki須崎市役所HPHome page of Susaki city office。
須崎市商工会議所Home page of Susaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
すさき体験.comHome page of the presentation page for to experience the charms of Susaki.
あそう村だよりBlog of the official community center for Aso (Yukiwari sakura informations etc)
Tourism association member company野見漁業協同組合Home page of Nomi fishermen's cooperative association
JR四国 須崎駅JR Shikoku home page.
中央印刷Home page of the printing moto for the posting "from Kochi to the whole country"
HP out of Susaki満天土佐Close range type portal site of the tourism in the west-south part of Kochi Prefecture, shops, informations about specialties